Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle (Green)

Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle (Green)

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Size: 8 OZ

8 OZ

color: GREEN

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Feeding baby on time is priority for all parents. With Mee Mee range of premium quality feeding bottles you can now feed your baby on time, anywhere you go. Easy to carry & clean, these bottles meet International Standards and are highly convenient to use. As babies learn to drink from bottles, they grow more independent with time.


  • Complies with EN 14350 and other International Standards of Safety & Hygiene.
  • Bottle is made from non-toxic, international quality glass.
  • Nipple is made from BPA free silicone which regulates air intake & is clinically proven to reduce colic.
  • Insulated design helps to keep the milk warm.
  • A small nipple opener to create openings in the teat is provided.
  • Use this bottle to give expressed breast milk or prepared infant formula to your baby, whenever breast feeding is not possible.
  • Convenient to use, carry, sterilize and clean.
  • Bottle can be easily carried in diaper bag, Mee Mee Bottle Carrier & clipped on the side of Mee Mee Baby Carrier.


  • Sterilise bottle properly before and after every use.
  • To sterilise the nipple each time, just rinse it thoroughly in boiled water. Let the nipple cool and ensure it's free of extra water before fixing it on the bottle.
  • For best results, use Mee Mee Liquid Cleanser to clean all parts of the bottle.
  • You can also sterilise all parts of the bottle from the wide range of Mee Mee Steam Sterilisers.
  • Do not heat in microwave. Use Mee Mee Bottle Warmer instead.
  • Made from Non-toxic, International Quality Glass: Bottle is made from non-toxic, international quality glass so it doesn’t stain easily. It also does not get easily infected with bacteria or other germs so it’s easier to clean and maintain compared to plastic bottles.
  • Well-contoured Teat with Vertical Lines: The well-contoured design is easy to latch-on for babies. The vertical lines keep the nipple firm and structured during use. This also ensures nipple doesn’t flatten or collapse while the baby is sucking.
  • Spill-Proof with Additional Stopper: This feature ensures that the liquids do not leak even if the bottle I kept in the sleeping position or at odd angles in the bag or even if it accidentally falls. This makes it easy for you to carry the feeding bottle while travelling short and long distances
  • Non Sticky Surface and Even Texture: Each feeding bottle has a non-sticky surface and even texture, making it easy to clean and sterilise for your next use.
  • Multipurpose and Storage Friendly: This feeding bottle can be used to nurse and store a variety of liquids for your baby. Mee Mee Feeding bottles are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and quantity, giving you a wide choice to help you decide the right bottle for your child’s needs.
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