Mee Mee Micro-Computer Electric Breast Pump (Yellow)

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Breast milk is the perfect food containing vital proteins & energy that provide complete nourishment to every baby. It feels almost as intuitive as having your baby in your arms while countering issues such as inverted nipples, breast swelling, improper sucking or urgent commitments. At such events, keeping baby?s need in mind, Breast Pumps work amazingly. From resolving the issue of extracting breast milk due to such reasons, upto storing them to be available for your tiny tot. Mee Mee?s Breast Pumps works just as a perfect solution. Our Breast Pump is a premium quality product designed scientifically with utmost sensitivity. Our Breast pumps makes sure your journey into motherhood easier. Certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) & ISI our Breast Pumps complies with the FDA standards too. Mee Mee's Micro Computer Electric Breast Pump is a convenient option to nurture the child with breast milk on time. Electric pumps help mothers,who need to express often throughout the day. Mothers need to simply express milk using the pump and store it in the feeding bottle. So the baby can be fed anytime, anywhere and grows up to be healthy and happy!
Key Features
  • Plastic Free: All parts are made from poly-propylene and are BPA free
  • Suction: Unique double valve design allows repeated suction
  • Comfort: Soft applicator pad makes suction comfortable
  • Ease: Adjustable suction release button, Easy to assemble, sterilize and store
  • Mobility: Ideal for traveling
  • Dual Mode:
  • Massage mode stimulates the natural flow of milk from the breast.
  • Sucking mode imitates the movement and rhythm of baby sucking to encourage steady flow of milk
  • Battery Operated:
  • Convenient for the mother to express milk anywhere.
  • Extra Storage: Multi- purpose high Capacity Storage Cup - 180 ml
  • Storage: High capacity wide necked storage cup for food and milk.
  • Leak Proof: Has a leak proof sealing function and easy to sterilize and carry
  • Back Flow Preventer: Has a back flow preventer that acts like a filter so excess milk flow won't damage the motor

  • Specification
  • Contains: 1 Electronic Breast Pump with Remote and extra storage bottle+Cup
  • Extra Storage capacity : 180ml
  • Feeding Bottle capacity : 120ml
  • Bag Dimension : 29 x 25 cm

  • Material:
  • DC : 4 AA batteries.
  • AC : Adapter for 110V-240V.
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