Mee Mee Easy To Use Manual Breast Pump (White)

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Breast milk is the perfect food containing vital proteins & energy that provide complete nourishment to every baby. It feels almost as intuitive as having your baby in your arms while countering issues such as inverted nipples, breast swelling, improper sucking or urgent commitments. At such events, keeping baby?s need in mind, Breast Pumps work amazingly. From resolving the issue of extracting breast milk due to such reasons, upto storing them to be available for your tiny tot. Mee Mee?s Breast Pumps works just as a perfect solution. Our Breast Pump is a premium quality product designed scientifically with utmost sensitivity. Our Breast pumps makes sure your journey into motherhood easier. Certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) & ISI our Breast Pumps complies with the FDA standards too. Mee Mee's Silent Manual Breast Pump makes it very convenient for mothers to express milk and feed their little one. It's smooth functioning and natural process make it comfy for mothers to use it on a daily basis. All parts are safe, gentle on the skin, easy to sterilise and carry while traveling.
Key Features
  • Squeeze & Hold Mechanism: Unique squeeze & hold mechanism, gradually builds up vacuum and this helps the mother relax while milk is being expressed
  • One Way Airflow: It draws air away from the breast while expressing and simultaneously keeps mother's breast shielded from harmful elements like dust & bacteria in the air
  • Soft Silicone Breast Shield: This breast shield is extremely gentle on mother's sensitive skin. It prevents the delicate skin of the mother's breasts from redness & rashes
  • Stimulating Massage Function: When the handle is moved back & forth, the massage function of the silicone shield gets activated. This stimulates the mammary glands and milk gets expressed
  • Premium Quality & 100% Safe: All parts are made from non toxic, soft silicone, BPA free, 100% safe materials
  • Manual Operation: The handle has to be moved back and forth to start the expressing process. Silent operation makes it convenient & discreet to use anywhere.
  • Compact & Lightweight System: Compact, lightweight and multifunctional, comfortable for home use, at work or while traveling
  • Helps Mothers: Helps mothers with inverted nipples or sensitive skin express milk and feed their baby. Helps working mothers store milk for their baby, thus helping mothers fulfil both duties of work and home effortlessly
  • Easy to Store & Carry: The milk bottle with silicone teat helps you carry and store the milk easily. The bottle converter helps you use the feeding bottle when needed.

  • Specification
  • Contains: 1 Manual Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle
  • Material - Soft Silicone, Non Toxic
  • Feeding Bottle capacity : 120ml
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